One platform, many models

Our web platform includes state-of-the-art open-source models of the ocean circulation, waves, oil spills, sediments and many more!

Simple interface for complex models

We take care of all the technical issues and guide you step-by-step through the models configuration.

Simulation results delivered quickly

Computational resources are no longer a limiting factor as you can draw on virtually unlimited HPC resources.

Modeling platform

The modeling platform allows you to run coastal ocean simulations anywhere in the world and for any period of time. Our variable-resolution unstructured-mesh ocean and wave models allow you to accurately simulate fine-scale flow features in areas of interest. Building the mesh, gathering all the model forcings and parameterizing it is a matter of minutes. We take care of all the technical issues so that you can focus on your application.

Monitoring platform

The monitoring platform provides daily 10-days forecasts of the sea state in a predefined coastal area. We take care of the model configuration and the automated model runs. The monitoring platform is meant to help operational users to plan their operations at sea by using forecasts of the sea state, and environmental representatives who need to evaluate the environmental impact of marine activities and decide the best response strategy to tackle marine pollution.

Post-processing tools

Both the modeling and monitoring platforms are equipped with a number of postprocessing tools that allow you to easily visualize, compare and use your simulation outputs. You can extract timeseries of all the model outputs and compare them with observations at hundreds of measurement stations accessible through the platform. You can also use the currents and waves to simulate the transport of drifting objects and substances such as oil spills, sediment plumes or plastic debris.